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April 6th, 2017 + 11:04 PM  ·  toastedgoat

I've got some great musicians I'm working with. We're doing covers and originals now. Ill post some stuff up after we get to laying down tracks.  in the meantime I'll do the cheezy stuff I do at home. lol


April 26th, 2017 + 12:04 AM  ·  toastedgoat

I recently make a post and when I used contractions with apostrophes it did not come out right.

a taste

April 23rd, 2017 + 12:04 AM  ·  toastedgoat

I'm feelin pretty good, I'm slightly ahead of schedule at this time, so far so good.  I've started some preliminary tracking. Still have a lot to fix and smooth out in my playing to get it right.  Quick mix just to give a taste. Lyrics are 1/3 of the way done now. 30 day challenge Hope I can get it done in time.

Cheap audio interface

April 20th, 2017 + 8:04 PM  ·  toastedgoat

I just picked up a Behringer Audio interface a UMC204.  I got a good deal on it at Sweetwater.  It's not on league with the motu, or UA interfaces but, It's under $80.00,  a fraction of the cost of the other interfaces I own.  I'm going to use it to track the 30 day song challenge.. So far I done a little vocal stuff with it.. It's clean has good headroom. and seems to be doing a great job. 

So If your looking for a cheap 2 channel interface you might look at one of the Behringer UMC lines.  I think it's clean enough you could do pro stuff with it.

30 day song challenge

April 14th, 2017 + 8:04 PM  ·  toastedgoat

I did this on another website, that had this going on.  It was fun and challenging, somewhat amazing too.  Since the amp is back up and we have a master technician taking care of things now.  Would anyone be up for doing a 30 day song challenge. We get 30 days to write, record and upload a song, (please don't use one you already have laying around).  It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, just something to get things rolling along.
I'm going to start tonight on writing, a simple rock/pop style song, I'll try to get it written, recorded and mixed within 30 days.

 week one write and work on arrangement
 week two and three tracking
  week  four mixing. 

 anyone wanna give it a go ?


April 5th, 2017 + 11:04 PM  ·  toastedgoat

because it looks like someone is working on bandamp again im uploading this. just a song idea not anything special. I thru this together so I could post something just to do it. lol
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