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i was down for a bit

September 12th, 2017 + 10:09 PM  ·  toastedgoat

I am still recovering form surgery on my stomach muscles. I haven't been able to sing much. I finally was able to pull off a live gig last week. I'll start back on the recording stuff this week. See how it goes. I'm on a 10lb lift limit and no pushing to much. That effects my vocals a lot. I may have to put it off a bit longer if so.


April 6th, 2017 + 11:04 PM  ·  toastedgoat

I've got some great musicians I'm working with. We're doing covers and originals now. Ill post some stuff up after we get to laying down tracks.  in the meantime I'll do the cheezy stuff I do at home. lol

I Stood By You some vox

June 11th, 2017 + 10:06 PM  ·  toastedgoat

This is all I could get done. I have guitar tracks but didn't have time to mix them in. I am just getting started on the vox stuff. Still have a bit of work to do . I'll finish when I get back. vocals start around 43 seconds, fall out and harmonies kick back in at 1:42

FX sidechaining into compressor

June 3rd, 2017 + 7:06 PM  ·  toastedgoat

I always wondered how studio guys got such cool delays and reverbs, that sound huge but, didn't ring on, and overrun the vocals. Sidechain the delay into a compressor, tweak the compressor to kick in the adjust the attack to kill the delay fairly quick the when the vocal line is finished adjust he release to open up the delay after the vocal line is done.  This keeps the delay from muddying up the dry vocals as the delays will only come on after the compressor releases.  You can also use an expander to do the opposite, sidechain the reverb or delay into the expander and set it so the reverb and delay are on when the vocals are going but, clamp down as soon as the vocal line is done. That way the reverb tail and delays don't ring on after the vocal line/word. Just while the voice is producing sound.

I Stood By You

May 30th, 2017 + 11:05 PM  ·  toastedgoat

The new song.  I need to tighten them up playing wise. This is not a mix, just raw VSTI tracks.  I have a few guitar parts I need to record, and a couple of other add on tracks. Then on to the vocals. I might get this done in time. I go for a week vacation the first of June.

Favorite Microphone under $500.00 ?

May 28th, 2017 + 6:05 PM  ·  toastedgoat

post up your favorite mic that is under $500.00 cost.
I still have a fondness for the Audio Technica AT4047( cost more than $500.00 new, I've found several used for under $500.00)  but,  the Rhode NT1A is still a smoother top end mic that really works well.  I have a cheap Chinese Avlex mic that sounds pretty good, I paid $100.00 for.
For Dynamic mics I have to go with the Shure SM7B.  It's just a great mic for vox  on a budget, although Michael Jackson used it on his albums.
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