→very good ADDA converters
· On my wish list( oh well one day)
→more good stuff
· more good stuff on my wish list
→Awsome mixer for the price cant…
· this mixer rocks very clean. some mid grade studios lived on these.
→this is the stuff i use
· Digital Performer 5.1
→more mtou users
· vg
→very good recording studio now
· Im trying to see if I can get a internship here.... not sure if I can…
→very cool band indeed
· this band is very cool they remind me of a little of Jethro Tull.
→hmm one of the best singer…
· this guy is very talented. writes and records his own music.
→this is the other site called dmusic
· I like band amp better but this site is at least maintained and is…
→Old Video Late 90s Pink Floyds Time
· This was recorded on the Thursday night at Neiners bar. We were playing…
→Ill change (live video)
· This is another original song we did that same night .. It was late we…

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